welcome to Gent's grooming lounge

The Gent’s Grooming Lounge is a modern barbershop with the professional male in mind. A place where men can sit back, relax and be engulfed in world class grooming services that are not only therapeutic but necessary to his well-being.

We aim to WOW our guests

Gents Grooming Lounge’s aim is not to satisfy our guest but to WOW them. We offer high quality grooming services that our competitors currently do not, all within a professional therapeutic environment allowing us to become the highest recommended grooming lounge in Newton County Georgia.

A place where our guest can come and have a few laughs with colleagues, socialize and network with other guest. Most importantly to create an environment for our guest to receive the ultimate grooming experience that will brighten their day, rejuvenate their souls and boost self-confidence.

Gent’s Hair cut

45 minutes $45.00
Crafted to your liking. Followed by a straight-razor neck shave, steamed towel & freshener


5 minutes $10.00
soothing tea tree infused shampoo accompanied by a steamed towel

Straight Razor Shave

45 minutes $45.00
Preformed with steamed towels, Preshave oil, dollops of warm lather and a pinch of cooling aftershave balm followed by a light face massage.

Buzz Cut

30 minutes $25.00
A clipper cut across the entire head using only one guard. No fading.

Lil’ Gents haircut (12yrs under)

45 minutes $30.00
Crafted to your liking. Followed by a straight-razor neck shave, steamed towel & freshener.


35 minutes $40.00
Serviced with a constant flow of steam, steam towels, exfoliating cream, cleansing cream and light massage

Beard Trim

30 minutes $25.00
Keep that facial hair in place with a sculptured clipper trim. Served with hot foam, a razor under the neck, steamed towel, beard oil & balm and face refresher.

Shoe Shine

20 minutes $10.00
Clean up those shoes and bring them back to life with a reviving shoe shine. Drop off service only.

What They Said

Dapper is as
Dapper Does


Gent’s Grooming Lounge

2104 Main St
Porterdale, Ga 30014
Phone: 770-784-9888

Hours of Operation

  • Wednesday-Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Sunday-Tuesday Closed
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